We Contribute To Development In The Future In Cambodia And Prosper As A Partner Each Other

We are the leading company in mobile crane in Cambodia the first that we have experiences in business for over 52 years.

We have provides you the mobile crane from 25 tons to 500 tons and higher. And we started in June 1964 worked as bridge lifting construction work, heavy lifting work etc to safety complete a member of construction at Japan.

Now we contribute to development in the future in Cambodia and prosper as a partner each other. and also we would like Cambodia is develop. Construction high build, heavy goods, installation work to have safety. so now we started in Cambodia in many 2016. That we put capital stock $10000 and we have membership as general manager Ratnak and director Okada of manage in Cambodia.

  • SAFETY : To safety first. We will ensure work the crane operator will safety work with helmet, work clothes, safety shoes wearing.
  • EDUCATION : Company is the operator education on the basic of the achievement and experience of so years, The work is done safety and reliable
  • QUALITY : We give japan quality use japan made cranes
  • PROPOSAL : The tailored to customers needs. site investigation planning the lifting plan of the crane, we will propose a safe work plan.
  • SUPPORT : Car maintenance and quick operations including cooperation with other companies even when an emergency happens.

ICS Cranes, we provide the safety and reliable service above to our customers to belief.

We provide the service our top priority to “safe work” for this purpose, if have customer’s request conducted as survey of the side on the basic of the experience in Japan, we will propose a plan of the crane.